Shrewbury Poetry Stanza

‘Being A Monkey In a Cage’, &, ‘It Was All Just a Storm in a Teacup’ ~  (November 2014) 


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Getting out there- five accessible places to visit ~ (5/10/2016) 

Huffington Post 

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ESA Cuts: View From a Person With a Disability~(28/03/2016)

Education, Education, Education~(02/11/2015) 

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Catworld ~ The Cat Lady Investigates

Felines of Islamic Culture ~(Issue 469- April 2017)

Felines of China ~(Issue 468- March 2017)

Felines Fortunes From Russia with Love ~(Issue 467- February 2017)

Tales of Cats in Aesop’s Fables  ~(Issue 466- January 2017)  

The Tales of Dick Whittington and his cat ~(Issue 465- December 2016)

Black Cats Throughout History ~(Issue 464- November 2016)

Prime and Proper Cats ~(Issue 463- October 2016)

The Cats of the Renaissance ~(Issue 462- September 2016)

Felines From Rome, 31BC~(Issue 461- August 2016)

Mystic Moggies of Norse Mythology  ~(Issue 460- July 2016)  

Tales of Mankei Neko~(Issue 459- June 2016)

Bowing to Bastet, the Start of a Feline Cult ~ (Issue 458- May 2016)  


New Nature

 The Next Generation of Environmentalists – ( Issue 5 – May 2017)